Strengthening and complementing protection of the marine resources of the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste.


The Area de Conservacion Guanacaste is located in the northwest side of Costa Rica.


43,000.00 hectares.

General Information:

Admitted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

Some of the challenges of this area are related to the safety and effectiveness of the ocean expeditions to control and protect its biodiversity, struggle against criminals and illegal activities within the protected area.

 As a result, both the staff and support staff should be provided with better safety conditions and their nighttime marine boarding operations need to be eased. In addition, effective communication means are urgent between the Research and Surveillance Station of San Jose Island and the Operations Center located in Santa Rosa, Area de Conservation Guanacaste.

In terms of control and protection operations, confiscations and detections, there’s a need to complement these actions with audiovisual materials that support evidence before the Public Ministry, facilitate research and document matters related to educational goals.

Likewise, it would provide long-range vessel identification and detect fishing gear in the water.

Project Objectives:

  • To place at least two radio equipments in order to transmit daily operations reports safely and efficiently as well as to handle properly any type of emergency.    
  • To purchase a digital camera with its corresponding accessories.
  • To install an articulated, highly-bright, halogen lamp in vessel ROTHSCHILDIA GPC6462, as part of the necessary support equipment for night navigation. 
  • To provide special waterproof binoculars, with a compass, to help identify vessels and their activities within the protected marine area.
  • To purchase a radar for vessel ROTHSCHILDIA GPC 6462, with a range capacity of 24 nautical miles.


The funds transferred to the project were used to purchase:

  • Radar: LAWRANCE, mod. LMS 522C, LRA-1500 antenna, 24-nautical-mile range, GPS
  • Radio: KENWOOD, model TK-7102 HK, 8 channels, voice changer
  • Halogen lamp: GOLIGHT, mod. 5167, remote control, 400,000 candela, 5,5 apms
  • Marine-use binoculars: FUJINON, digital compass
  • Digital camera: SONY, mod. DSC-W200, 12 MP, with underwater accessories.